Unlocking the potential of scent detection

Digitizing everyday scents to

How Do Stratuscent’s Solutions Work?

Using a patented sensor array in tandem with a cloud‐enabled AI engine for analytics and reporting, Stratuscent’s solutions are able to detect, identify and analyze scents in the local environment in real‐time, and with great accuracy.

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Imagine Our World Without Scents

Our everyday devices may be able to understand visuals, audio like speech and sounds, and even touch, but no one has managed to leverage and unlock the incredible potential of scent detection – until now.



Ensure Quality, Increase Yields, Productivity and Efficiency

Our “digital nose” targets applications where chemical sensing, analysis, and digital metrics help make data-driven decisions. Stratuscent provides an end-to-end solution that offers real-time scent detection, enhancing yield and quality control exponentially.



Beyond Standard Detection

Stratuscent-enabled smart appliances can do more that just trigger warnings of potentially harmful chemicals. Our breakthrough technology can also subtract background scents to identify and target airborne scents with precision.



Air Quality Control Wherever You Are

Chemical detection isn’t new, although you would need to install multiple detectors to be able to identify just a handful of airborne chemicals. Stratuscent’s breakthrough technology can identify everyday, complex aromas with a single device.


Where to Use Stratuscent’s Solutions?

Our chemical sensing technology can detect individual chemicals and complex everyday scents with one sensor and can be used in a myriad of applications.


Food & Agriculture

Validate quality and increase yields, efficiency and ROI with our patented scent detection sensor, that can, for example, detect and identify ethylene, which is a key indicator of spoilage.


Smart Homes & Appliances

Smart homes can become even smarter with Stratuscent’s digital chemical sensing technology. Our “digital nose” can smell and identify cooking stages and can also sniff out food spoilage.


Control Air Quality

Take control of the air quality in your home and at work. Our sensors are highly adaptable to temperature and humidity changes, making them versatile and consistently accurate.

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Stratuscent's transformational and bio-inspired technology delivers real-time business intelligence using our breakthrough electronic nose that detects and digitizes simple and complex scents.

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The race is on for those companies that understand the tremendous opportunities for economic growth that scent digitization represents. It provides actionable data to help gauge freshness, improve yields, assess quality, control processing, prevent spoilage & monitor air quality.

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