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Our Philosophy

We are driven by innovation and technology. At Stratuscent, our aim is to improve quality, efficiency, productivity and safety through our patented, AI-enabled electronic nose.

Digitizing the World of Scents

Dr. Ashok Prabhu Masilamani, Stratuscent’s Founder & CTO shares his vision to bring AI enabled chemical / odor sensing to market to and unlock the potential of scent detection by creating the first digital database of scents.

About Stratuscent

Stratuscent’s breakthrough portable, real-time, and low-cost electronic nose leverages chemical sensing and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect, digitize, identify, quantify, and catalog simple and complex everyday scents thereby enhancing brand identification, quality control, yield, and safety. Incorporated in 2016 with offices in Montreal, Stratuscent Inc. was incubated at TandemLaunch, is a graduate of Creative Destruction Lab 2018 and a winner of the 2019 C.L.I.C. Challenge.


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