We're an artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor company.

We’re on a mission to unlock the potential of digital scent recognition, and bring the sense of smell to devices around the world.

A History of Progress

It's been a journey with more than just a couple of milestones.



The idea to digitize the sense of smell by leveraging recent technological advances like 3D printing and cloud computing comes to life. The seed is planted.

We're fortunate to have great investors

on the journey with us.


Meet the team behind the disruption.

Karim Aly Chief Executive Officer Karim is an investment professional, serial entrepreneur & corporate advisor. Prior to Stratuscent, Karim was the CEO of V1 Studio; a venture builder backed by Concordia University. Over the previous decade, he has founded five start-ups which resulted in three successful exits. Before transitioning into entrepreneurship, Karim held a variety of senior roles within the financial services industry. Karim holds an MBA degree from Insead.

Ashok Masilamani, PhD Founder & CTO Ashok is a visionary, technology entrepreneur, and seasoned startup CTO. Ashok holds a Doctoral degree in Nanophotonics and has experience in a broad set of technologies that include but not limited to material science, electronic circuits, optical systems, machine learning, and sensor technologies. Ashok is an avid astrophotographer; he also enjoys cooking and writing articles.

Mojtaba Abadi, PhD Director AI Mojtaba Khomami Abadi is an entrepreneurial scientist with a Ph.D. in applied machine intelligence from University of Trento, Italy. With expertise in certain areas of computational psychology, computational neuroscience and machine learning, in the past he served as the CTO of Sensaura - an emotion recognition startup from Montreal. He enjoys running and hiking whilst learning through listening and mindfulness.

Jayan Ozhikandathil Senior Product Developer Jayan Ozhikandathil is an entrepreneurial scientist with a Ph.D. in Miniaturized bio/chemical sensors from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. His area of expertise includes RnD and product development on micro and nanotechnology-based sensors and embedded systems. An author of more than 30 publications in journals and conference proceedings, he has 2 inventions in the area of micro and nano chemical sensors.

Yulong Lin Product Manager Yulong Lin is a Product Manager with 5 years of product development and manufacturing experience. He was trained as a mining engineer and has worked in mines across Canada. Yulong enjoys travelling and working on DIY projects.

Nicolas Levaray Senior Material Scientist Nicolas is a Material Scientist with a Master's degree in Organic chemistry (Montreal) and a Master's degree in Biochemistry (France). Nicolas was born in France and moved to Montreal 15 years ago for his studies. During his Ph.D. study in Materials Science (Montreal) he wrote 6 publications and taught students in a variety of subjects. Nicolas had practiced martial arts (Aikido) for more than 12 years and competed in swimming at a regional levels.

Fatemeh Yazdanpanah Material Engineer Fatemeh Yazdanpanah is a Chemical Engineer at Stratuscent, with an M.Sc. degree from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. Before joining Stratuscent, she was a research assistant at the University of Calgary, where she mainly worked on Microfluidic devices for assessment of antibiotic susceptibility. She enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, and exploring the world.

Neven Maric AI Researcher Neven Maric is an AI Researcher who has been with Stratuscent Inc. since 2018. He has always been passionate about science and technology, earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from McGill University in 2016 and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Concordia University in 2020. Neven is an avid athlete, playing soccer from a young age and competing in amateur boxing since 2017 in Quebec.

Amir Gahroosi Research Engineer Amir Gahroosi is an experienced and creative research engineer with a strong background in design, integration and problem solving. His experience at Stratuscent revolves around the discovery of novel solutions to unsolved problems in chemical sensing via state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods and algorithms. In addition, Amir is a musical enthusiast, playing both the guitar and piano, who enjoys playing and listening to musical masterpieces.

Justin Baron Data Engineer Justin Baron is a Data Engineer that works with the AI team. He is a Computer Science graduate from Concordia University, Montreal. Justin was born and raised in Montreal. He loves sports, he played ice hockey for many years and now he practices boxing. He enjoys listening to podcasts, playing video games and having a good craft beer.

Krishanth Ravisingam Jr. Mechanical Engineer Krishanth (Krish) is a Mechanical Engineer with a minor in Computer Science. Krish is passionate about mechatronic and is a robotics enthusiast. He is part of Stratuscent's hardware team. Krish loves the outdoors and is a sports fanatic. He enjoys playing soccer and has actively played since the age of 10. He's always up for a good adventure.

Erika Vano Newman Manager MarComm Erika is a Marketing and Communication Manager with 15+ years of experience in B2B product marketing and branding. Erika has lived in 6 different countries. During her stay in Stockholm, where she lived for 11 years, she worked for Ericsson, Globe Forum and Alfa Laval. Erika is vegetarian, enjoys travelling, learning languages, reading fiction, listening to music, and watching movies with her husband and their three children.

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